W.A.I. T

I never thought I would be free.

I never thought I would be OK waiting on God.

I never thought this crippling anxiety would end.

I never thought I would totally surrender it all to God and allow Him to actually work for me.

I never knew God was for me.

I always thought I would fix it.

I always thought if I made myself pretty enough they would swarm my way.

I always thought that my smile would magnetically attract them in drones.

I always thought I was the one.

I was crashed when it did not happen.

I was crashed when it did not happen, but it happened for my friend(s).

I was crashed when it did not happen on my time.

I was crashed when I had to attend to another while mine had not come.

I was crashed when they said “wait upon the Lord…”

Do they know how cliché those words sound to me?

Do they know how many times I have fasted and prayed?

Do they know how many hands I have held in agreement?

Do they know how many resounding “Amen!” I have had to say?

Do they know how many hopes have been dashed?


He knows how much I need this.

He knows my heart’s desire.

He sees each tear I cry.

He sees my secret anguish when I attend another.

He sees the sleepless (well almost) nights trying to figure out what went wrong.

He sees me.

He knows me.

He knows my name.

He wove me in my mothers womb.

He promised.

I trust Him.

An Open Letter to Brother X

Brother X I realize that not only did I create a shrine for you, but that I also imported the most expensive gold for it too. We have to get it out in the clear right away that you had nothing to do with it. In fact if my guess is right, you are oblivious about how far gone I am.
Ever sent someone a long thoughtful, insightful message and all you got back in form of a response was: “K”?
Well that is how I feel Brother X. After putting up all these structures in my head; I feel like all I am getting back from you is a “K”. I want you to know that I do not blame you Brother X. I blame myself.
I blame myself for thinking that if I thought hard, real hard about you, my wishes would come true. I thought if I “presented” myself to you, you would take notice of me.
I forgot all the scriptures I knew. I forgot how beautiful and wonderful I was to HE who created me. I tried dancing a little bit less; because I thought cool guys like calm chicks. I prayed a little less intimately because I did not want to lose myself in worship- cool guys don’t like that. No?
Brother X, I took a hard look at myself in the mirror. The kind of look that examines the soul and I realized that all these was triggered by fears I created in my mind.

I feared that age was catching up with me. I feared that my mates were all doing their 4th, 5th and further wedding anniversaries. I feared that with time my shelf life would expire and I would not be desirable any more.
But you see Brother X, I now see my wrong. You are not God and I cannot place these demands on you. You are not the author and finisher of my faith. You weren’t there when God created the earth. You weren’t there when He thought me into creation. You see I forgot that He first finished me, before He began me. He says He foreknew the plans He had over me and these were plans to give me a future and a hope.
Brother X, it’s not your fault that you are that fine! Neither is it mine that I am this pretty. But in reality I created a monument out of you and allowed you to take His place.
So I just wanted to let you know that I am OK with you not saying hi, or looking my direction. I am finally accepting that you just might not be in my future and that doesn’t faze me one bit.
I need to stop trying to fit you in a puzzle that you just didn’t come with in the first place.

So Brother X, I just wrote to tell you that next time in Church when you see me whiz past you to my usual sitting place; do pardon me if I don’t stare like I normally do. You see I now realize that He who created me deserves ALL my worship and praise. It was for Him that I was created.
I don’t know if I will actually stop liking you; I mean I do not have a button to press and automatically stop. But I have in the last few weeks brought that shrine down and Jesus now takes preeminence.

Thank you Brother X, for remaining true to yourself.

In His love & mine Sister Ciruu.

To all those single (read slightly “older”) sisters who are feeling “flustered” because a certain guy doesn’t seem to return and or receive your signal; this one is for you.
Isaiah 49:16
Look here. I have made you a part of Me, written you on the palms of My hands.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

And I know God has made everything beautiful for its time.

You are beautiful. You are precious. There is no clock ticking as He holds time in His hands. In fact He owns the Clock. Do your part and let Him do the rest.

God says He has made; He is not planning to make, or trying to figure it out. It is already made beautiful. You need to trust Him. If you have prayed and I mean praying until you know you have prayed through for a mate; it is time to give thanks. He already did it.


Dear Brother X,
I sure hope this gets you in good spirits and fantastic health. It’s been a few weeks since I last saw you. I think that I know that you know I like you. I am a woman, we are required to know such things. Brother X; my liking for you has opened me up to a new world, one that I had never thought into existence.

I have been thinking about you and I realized a few weeks ago that you were actually becoming a sort of an obsession in my life.
I began being more careful about what I wore to church ensuring that my make up was just right. I actually realized that I now pull out my Sunday clothes on Monday evening! Who does that?

Anyway my dear Brother X, it was at this point that I realized I need to come to a halting STOP before I broke something. You see Brother X it is no fault of yours; but I think I have lost the plot.
I recall with nostalgia the day I heard you talk for the first time. I have the details to a tee. I was taken aback. I was so amazed of how insightful and intelligent you were. You see I hadn’t heard a man talk with such clarity and perception in a long time. I do admit that is what blew my socks off.

This letter is not only for you, but to my fellow sisters out there who find themselves in similar awkwardness.
I have waited with anticipation for you to take note of me. A glance, an acknowledgement, perhaps an “intentional hello” but none of this has been forthcoming. I have put under a microscope your last casual “hi” to me. I have tried to encode the way you moved your head, where your eyes were and if that handshake lingered a bit longer than usual. You should see me, Brother X; if only I had studied my Biology as hard as this.
You see my dear brother I have built a shrine for you in my mind. I have heard things that you never said, experienced laughter and smiles as I spaced out into “our world”.

I have had conversations with “our mutual friends”, and they have me convinced that you really are interested in me; I only need to give you time.

I have showed up for countless coffee dates, at the corner coffee shop right off the corner of my head. We have had endless conversations sipping on our lattes. You have walked me home a million times over and in my head these walks never end.

But now dear brother I realize I am getting fixated over you and I need to stop now and hold a peace march for myself.
Brother X writing this to you kind of helped me find myself. The beauty about it is that it actually gets delivered to you and not in my head because I know you are here and you will get to read it.
I realized that I needed to write to you, not only for your sake, but for my sake too and for other sisters who like Brothers like you and may never know how to deal with it.

Brother X before I sign off, please be minded that I would never lay fault at your doorstep. Oh no! You are too fine for that! (wink!)

That will be all for now Brother X, until next time when I tell you about what I found out about myself in these letters to you. Keep on shining!

Note:I finish this letter in my next post. Be sure to catch up with me on that post and let’s sign off  together!

As always: in His love & mine.


I am so grateful that you shared my travel with me on the dusty road. This is the last post on this series, and I encourage you to read the previous posts on part one and two if you haven’t.
I never knew my walk home would help me draw such deep lessons from the Holy Spirit. I now don’t just walk home, I walk to learn.
Here are the last lessons that I have been able to garner from these walks.

4. My mind is a battle field

There are days that I really don’t want to walk home. Sometimes it’s because I have had a day that wasn’t that interesting and all I want to do is get home and forget about it. At other times I just think I can’t do it. I look at the journey ahead and fail even before I begin the walk.
In those times I have had to literally talk myself into walking. Reminding myself why I need to and that failure has never been an option. Of course there are times when all that pep talk falls on deaf ears. My mind is pretty made up and I end up using the bus home. One of the most effective tool that we have if used well is our mind. There are many reasons why I shouldn’t walk and my mind is always the first to try and rationalize these reasons. I realized that if I am not in charge of my mind then I fall for anything.
In our Christian walk, we often fail before we start. We look at the challenges ahead of us and our minds just refuses to accept that it is possible to get through. Sometimes when you have been in a storm for a long period of time, it becomes so easy to accept that you are not coming out of it and eventually embrace a lifestyle of hopelessness. Your heart becomes so hard that in due course you find that you actually don’t care anymore about your circumstances.
The Holy Spirit is here reminding us, that we can do all things through Christ our enabler. We must allow our minds to be renewed and to dwell on the living word of God. His word is the wellspring of life.

Purpose to take charge of your mind today.

6. Watch Out

I don’t know about you, but I get distracted by stuff. I mean I have all intentions of paying attention to something but when something else pops up at the corner of my eye; I want to make sure I caught it.

Walking home with this attitude has cost me a few “almost falls”. Boy I’m I glad I never actually hit the ground because I have such a phobia of falling. These near falls however, have served their purpose. I watch where I am going. I am keen and pay attention as I walk home.

Over days though, I have felt like I have mastered the road, knowing where the pits, thorny bushes or stones that would trip me are. But this “assumption” hasn’t guaranteed me a drama free journey as I end up tripping and having to steady myself to avoid falling.

You and I are on a long journey. There are snares that have been set to catch you and stones that have been put up to trip you. The bible says that we must watch and pray lest we fall into temptation. We can never master the road. We can never be expert Christians. You can never outsmart the devil who has been here longer than you. You will never get it all, until you are at His feet.

We should never assume that we are there with God, or we have it all figured out; as that assumption would only be the beginning of our folly and downfall.

5. Finishing is better than starting

The gate to my estate is always a sight to behold because it marks the end of my walk. I am always ecstatic when I get to the gate because it marks the finish of my walk. But please don’t get me wrong, I learnt quite through an experience that getting to the neighborhood doesn’t mean I am home.

I remember once actually stopping to buy some fresh juice from a store near my house to “celebrate” my finish. When I started walking again the pain on my legs was so intense that I promised myself never to make such unnecessary stops.

Lesson: Just because you are in the neighborhood doesn’t mean you are home or that you can stop. The price you pay when you restart the journey can be unbearable.

Walking inside the estate towards my house comes with such a sense of victory. It feels good to know that in a little while I will be in my house where I get to clean up myself, relax and enjoy my quest.

The Holy Spirit has assured us that the Home we are heading to is place that no mind can comprehend. It’s a home like no other. The streets are paved with gold! I get so giddy when I read about Heaven in the book of Revelation; it is going to be such a treat I promise y’all.

Revelation 21:21
The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate expertly crafted from a single beautiful pearl. And the city street was pure gold, yet it was as transparent as glass.

I encourage you today to keep your eyes on the prize.

Commit yourself to do what it takes, to finish your race; your journey Home.
I hope you found some form of inspiration and encouragement in this series that makes you determined to journey well.

As always: in His love and mine!

Travel On the Dusty Road & Of Lessons Learned (Part II)

In my last post I shared about how the Holy Spirit is drawing parallels between my walk home and my Christian walk. I shared how easy it is to get distracted by things that appear so “innocent” but greatly impact our walk.
Allow me to share a few other lessons that He has drawn my attention too.

2. Rid yourself of all unnecessary weights

Before I leave my office I always ensure that I have my walking shoes on. I also ensure that the bag I am carrying only has what is necessary for the journey ahead. I have a big bag. Yes I am one of those women whose bag can swallow a whole nine month old  baby.

My bag comes with a disclaimer “put your hands in at your own risk!” You are most likely to get attacked by something in my bag if you tried putting your hands in blindly. I digress.

So I have to make a careful choice of what to bring with me on my journey home. The reason behind this is very simple; if I carry a heavy bag I will end up hurting my shoulder and it will definitely slow me down.

When it’s time to begin my walk, I literally empty my bag place things on the table and then pick choice items that I may either need on the way home or when I get home.

Our Christian walk isn’t any different. We have bags that we carry on this journey. You can choose to call it your mind or your heart. What deposit is in that bag?

Does your “bag” come with a disclaimer warning others that they are “proceeding at their own peril?” I remember when the Holy Spirit showed me this; I immediately knew the heaviest thing in my “bag”. I worried a lot. I worried a lot about my future and that of my son. He reminded me that I needed to cast my cares on Jesus, so that my walk Home is bearable.
Unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, hurt and pain are all genuine feelings that we experience in our walk on this earth. But did you know, all these weights will weigh you down?

The Holy Spirit doesn’t want us to be wounded soldiers, He wants us whole.
Rid yourself of weights that restrict you to move effectively. Do it on purpose. Empty yourself before the Master and then ask Him to show is only necessary for the walk ahead.

3. It’s a long dusty walk; it don’t matter what folk think

The biggest challenge walking home(from my view point), isn’t even the distance that I need to cover, but the dust that covers me.

By the time I get to my house I am covered knee high in dust. I recall my first walk and how horrified I was of myself when I got home.I couldn’t believe the amount of dust that had fellowship with my feet. I almost decided to never walk again.

The following day I examined my heart and realized that the only real reason as to why I was “horrified” was because of what I thought people would think of me when they looked at me. Period.

Most of us are “horrified” at the reactions our friends or associates will have because of our Christian lives. We reason that some of the decisions we have to make as Christians will “horrify” our friends. So we end up being here but not all there. We have a “Sunday live appearance” at church- where we get real with the “Christians”. Monday through Friday we have our own “lukewarm, not here or there” kind of lives. On Saturday we try to “Holy Up” because we realize Sunday beckons.
I made a decision that made it easier for me to walk as far as this dust was concerned. I decided that once I started walking I would never look at my feet. That way I am oblivious of what people think.

Same thing must apply to our walk. It really should not matter what people say. Live according to the principles of the word and stop looking at your feet.

I have a few more lessons that I would love to share with you in my final post on this journey. I sure do pray that this helps you in getting more determined to get Home.

Remember you and I must stay focused.

Travel On The Dusty Road & Of Lessons Learned (PART I)

I began walking recently.
To appreciate the veracity of the statement you must have the mental picture of the distance I cover and from where to where it is I walk. I walk home from work at least 3 times a week. The distance covered is about 13K which would roughly translate to 8 miles.
My decision to start walking was heavily influenced by the sudden realization that I was piling back some of the weight I had recently lost. Besides the many health benefits associated with walking, the main reason I love it so much is that it helps me unwind after being at work the whole day. You would be amazed at the thoughts and ideas I get when I walk.

So the other day as I walked home, I began talking to the Holy Spirit as I have done numerous times. As I chatted away, He arrested my attention by painting an amazing picture of how my walk home is so similar to my spiritual walk to my glorious Home.

Allow me to share some of the lessons the Holy Spirit has been teaching me on my walk home. I sure hope that will help you resolve to keep you focus on getting Home.

1. There are plenty of distractions on the way home

My walk begins with me trying to weave across a sea of humanity busily making their way to various places. There are those streets that I use that I have to cling to my bag with dear life. The main street I use is first, full of buses that have bus conductors shouting at the highest voices to attract passengers into their buses. There are also motorbikes whose riders believe that they have the supreme right of way and will run off anything on their way.Half of the time I am ducking off their path to ensure I come out unharmed.

If you are successful, alive, sane and all body parts intact at this stage, you must now contend with cart pushers and their carts which are sometimes piled up high with foodstuffs. The cart pusher is a unique challenge and most of the time it’s like a chess game with him. You must not show him your next move until you know his. Once you know where he is headed you must go to the extreme opposite direction or he will still somehow maneuver his cart into your path missing you by a whisker. If you turn to look some have this “sly” grin that says “I scared the living day lights out of that one”!

Once I get past that, I usher myself through one of the main markets in my City. If the fresh vegetables straight from the farm don’t get you, the sharp red watermelon cut to size will always call your name.

They have clothes too,priced just right and don’t even get me started on the shoes!

Many times I am genuinely tempted to stop and look at all these things. You see “an innocent look won’t hurt”, right? Wrong. You see, rarely have I ever stop to look at anything and left without having bought something that I didn’t need in the first place.
The time that I take in oohing on these items also impacts me greatly on the time I use to get home.

I have devised a cheat mind strategy by saying this to myself “I shall stop tomorrow” especially when I see something that I just must look at. Oh don’t you know that familiar feeling ladies? When something has your name written all over it! Unfortunately most things have my first name on them.
Like my distractions home, my Christian walk too has many distractions. There are many things that call out for my attention. Sin calls out for attention. Anger, revenge, lust and sometimes thing that appear harmless to me call out.
We call it “small sin”; a little bit of catching up with our sisters about this other sister who is not present. Hey! We are not gossiping about her, we are in fact pointing out facts about her walk nowadays. Haven’t you noticed how slack she has become lately? Haven’t we been asked after all to become our “brother’s keepers?”

Quite often we come across such distractions and decide that this small deviation won’t cost us much, but that is where we make costly mistakes.
The Holy Ghost was prompt to remind me how such distractions impacted my walk Home. He reminded me that I can never flirt with sin and come out unscathed. I cannot afford to make such unnecessary stops and expect to make Home in good time.

And the first lesson learned was that no matter how “innocent” and “attractive” the distractions appear I must keep focused on getting Home otherwise the stop will cost me something.

I hope that this first lesson blesses your heart like it did me. Isn’t it so easy to allow ourselves get entangled in things that appear harmless.

I love the NLT version of Hebrews 12:1 (bold emphasis mine) because it captures this so well;
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.

Are there things in your life that appear “harmless” but need to be dealt with?

Please catch up with me in my next post as I share with you more insights on this.

How To Like A Church Guy (PART II)

My last post was about this guy at my church that I like. I still like the guy and maybe he likes me (a girl can wish!).
So I wanted to share the lessons I am learning from liking Brother X.I have had a lot of you come up to me and tell me they identify. I hope you can add a few of your own at the end of this post.  I am glad because that is what this post was all about.
Here are the lessons:
1. Be honest with yourself:
Being honest with yourself allows you to look into circumstances with a clear mind view, understanding where you are coming from. It allows you to evaluate how “far gone” you are emotionally. By doing this, I allow my head (consciously and deliberately) to rule my decisions. End result is that I end up making decisions that are “sober” and mostly within the boundaries of God or somewhere in that neighborhood.

For example just last Sunday, I had to leave church immediately after service.I realized that if I did not do that, I would have spent the time after church pretending to “catch up” while my eyes were zooming looking out for Brother X.
2. Take this emotion to God in prayer.
I am a firm believer about praying for just about everything. I make a point of making my prayers more like conversations with God.  I found this makes me pray more effectively.

I recall when I first owned up to God about Brother X. My prayer went something like this “Daddy…(serious laughter)you know I find this situation with Brother X quiet hilarious. It’s been ages since I like anyone. I feel that I need you in this liking business from the get go. I do not want to mess it up by doing it my way and I surrender my emotions and my thoughts to you.”
I cannot over emphasize the need to guard your mind at all times. We know what happens when thoughts that are ungodly begin to incubate in our minds.

Prayer will help you stay within the confines and the boundaries that God has for you as a born again woman.
3. Don’t fantasize
Liking some guy isn’t sin and no you are not headed to hell sister! What will put us in trouble is how we allow our minds to run with it and that is why I emphasize on praying about this.
I recently caught myself thinking about Brother X and I realized that I was heading to a very dangerous place in my mind. I was almost writing my vows on a piece of paper, as part of me was busy justifying it with this scripture “Now faith is…”

Right there the Holy Spirit prompted my spirit to realize that I was headed into forming ungodly soul ties with someone who had no idea of what was cooking in my head.
How many times have we “married” guys we fancied in our heads? Because it’s been long since anyone spoke or showed any interest and the minute a guy says “hi…” we are already at the altar?
Watch your mind carefully and guard it at all costs.
4. Don’t make the first move – but a “hello” won’t hurt either
I know this may sound old fashioned in this day and age, but I am firm believer in letting the man do the chase. I have heard my guy friends tell me this many times “if a guy is interested in you, he will get a way of talking to you”.
On the other hand, don’t be so uptight that you cannot greet a brother yet you are dying in the inside. Saying “hello” and not showing your entire dental formula won’t hurt either. It can be your way of telling the brother “I am not as mean as I appear…”

I have mustered the courage of saying “hi” to Brother X and let’s just say its time I packed my bags and booked a ticket for the next singles’ retreat (ha!).

I know of a sister who liked a brother (her husband now) and after saying hi for a while she mustered the courage and told him one day “I like your suit…” and that my fellow sisters was the best ice breaker to a happily ever after.
5. A little bit of strategy won’t hurt either
Disclaimer: I am not in any way suggesting that you draw a plan or scheme a way of trapping a brother.
The bible says “…He who finds a wife…” My long time Pastor says it this way “Sister you will not be found in your living room!”
Ensure that you look good, feel good about yourself and of course a shower here and there won’t hurt either.
I do not know if my story has a happily ever after. Either way all glory belongs to Him.

Should I see a wedding announcement at my church with this Brother X’s name on it, let us just say I will be praising God more because I know my happily ever after is round the corner.

I know God writes beautiful love stories. I have evidence. Read the bible.

I have learned that it is OK to like someone. This has made my owning up to like Brother X quite easy. However it is not OK to over obsess and conduct weddings in my head. Imagine the number of men you have to divorce the day you finally walk down the aisle.
Well here is to Brother X and to this lady in waiting.

In His amazing love!


I finally like a guy at my church; let’s just call him Brother X, because I won’t give out his name lest you “steal” my “prayer point” (ha!) Of course he doesn’t know it and I am busy acting like I don’t know it either.

You see, I haven’t “liked” anyone in a very long time.

I didn’t know how much I liked him until I found myself writing about him in my journal. Right there I knew I had to own up to myself and to God. So I am in this awkward place of defining what “like” means and trying to understand how a lady in waiting ought to carry herself when she finds herself here.

Once I became a mom and it finally dawned on me that it wasn’t going to work between the father of my son and I; I threw myself wholly into motherhood. Dating took a back seat. And I mean a really back seat. I recall specifically making some radical, ill-founded prayers; like, never getting involved in any relationship until my son was 8 years old. My son is 8 now. I do not know whether my liking this guy is influenced by the prayer.

I have caught myself stealing glances at Brother X while I was supposedly raising holy hands to God. I’ve had to slap myself back to worship. At this point, I really don’t know what I should do about my liking for Brother X.

When I talk about like, I do not mean the kind of like that we sisters talk about when we see a fine brother. I am talking about liking a guy and asking yourself why he, at the very least won’t acknowledge your existence. This is the kind of “like” that makes you try very hard not to appear like you are trying really hard to get noticed.

This has got me thinking and praying because I know myself. Without the involvement of the Holy Spirit, I would be writing vows and ordering my wedding gown online.

In this short time, I have learnt a few practical things that have brought order to what was likely to be an explosive situation emotionally.

Be sure to join me in the next post as I share with you the 4 things I have learnt from liking Brother X.

As always keep running your race in His amazing Grace.


Dear Single Mom;
I know you by name I created you.
Before I formed this world I had you in mind; you see I work from the end to the beginning.

The prints on your fingers are uniquely yours, no one else on the face of the earth has such prints.

I knit you together in your mother’s womb cooking you with just the right temperatures ensuring you never came here too early or too late, but that you came just on time.

I know you may question your wisdom because of the circumstances you find yourself in, but I need you to know that nothing unseats me, nothing catches me by surprise and nothing happens without my knowledge because I AM.

I have supplied you with grace, strength and love to see you through every step of the way.

There were nights that I saw you weep in pain, bitterness, anger; feeling desperately alone like no one really cared and you never mattered. I want you to know now, that in all those nights I was there with you; that I cared and you mattered the world to me.
I would never leave you alone not for a moment in time because that would make me a liar.
It pained me sometimes to see you allow the enemy rule your mind through the whispers in your ears that detract you from Truth.

How more can I let you know that I love you so much even unto death?

How more can I let you know that even if you were the only person living on this earth, I would still give up my only Son in order to have you fellowship with me?

How more can I let you know that I am so proud of you, that I sing songs over you every morning?

You are my star, you are my precious daughter.

I want you to know that even though you walked out of my initial plan, I still got you.I am the God of 2nd chance, 3rd chance & even FAT CHANCE!

You see that child you brought into this world; I planned for their future already.

Everything the enemy intended for evil; I will swing it around for your own good because I AM and that’s how I roll.

I got plans for you that will blow your mind away just be still and let me write your story, allow me to tell the world your story.

I want you to know that you are not just good enough to be a mistress (M.W.K) or some dirty little secret whose greatest treat is to be tucked away in some sleazy motel for B&B! Oh no! Like I already said, I made plans for you that will blow your mind away
I know what you want; I put those desires in you and I will bring honor to my name by fulfilling your desires.
Wait on me, I am not promising you an easy ride BUT I promise to be right there with you through it all. When it’s dark I will be the lamp unto your feet, when you mourn I will turn it into dancing and when you are weary and think you can’t go on, I will carry you through.

Bring up your children (the ones I blessed you with) in my ways and they shall never depart from them when they are old.
I am here for you single mom, I love you with an everlasting love.
Never think even for a moment that you are 2nd class citizen. You are a princess; a daughter of the most High King.
Do not quit, do not give up on yourself, for I am a Master Creator and I never created failures.
Love Dad.


The only visible difference between the two words up there is the letter “L” however those two words are literally words apart and worlds apart.

The world has its own standards, rules and expectations. The Word has its own set of rules, standards and expectations. It is purely a matter of choice on what of the two governs you today. People pleasers are constantly governed by the constants changing demands of the word wanting to keep up with the Joneses at whatever the cost.

Coming face to face with the not so real me made me realize that by attempting to change so much to fit in different situations I had literally lost my identity and the only place to redeem my identity was in the living Word of God.

Lesson learned: I must accept that my identity can only be found in the living Word of God.

The bible says in Genesis I: 27 So God did just that. He created humanity in His image, created them male and female” .

That pretty much sums up the story line in this season for all of us. If we believe that God created us as He says He did in Genesis 1, why then would we want the world to give us a definition of who we are?

When products or gadgets that we own malfunction what we most likely do is to check the manual that came with the product, which most of us never went through when we initially bought our gadgets. We will attempt to run thorough to the “trouble shooting” pages to read and see what the manufacturer advices us to do in such circumstances. Eventually we are likely to return the gadget to the manufacturer to have it fixed since it comes with such guarantee or warranty.

God made me realize the same thing about myself. I was a product of His creation, my manual was the Living Word and it contained all the trouble shooting I ever needed to reference to. In fact He was so confident in His product that He already guaranteed all of us that if we took the “product” (unregenerate self) to Him, He would give us a brand new product; a regenerated self!

Today would you go back to the Manufacturer and let Him take a look at you?
Would you read His word that presents a case for every trouble shooting issue that you may be experiencing?

As always keep running the race that is associated with your!
In His amazing love & mine!